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Barzan is a commune in the Charente-Maritime department in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region of south-western France.

The inhabitants родители bazn секс the commune are known as Barzanais or Barzanaises. The commune is the site of a major Gallo-Roman site of Barzan structured excavations carried out since Aerial photographs and the first archaeological excavations have revealed the presence of a Gallo-Roman port city of родители bazn секс importance a monumental Gallo-Roman temple, baths, forum, theatre etc.

Other remains are the subject of annual excavations. It seems almost certain that this Gallo-Roman town is the Novioregum родители bazn секс in the Antonine Itinerary. Access to the commune is by the D road from Meschers-sur-Gironde along the coast to the north-west which passes through the commune and continues south-east to Saint-Fort-sur-Gironde.

The D branches from the D near the village and goes north to Arces.

Родители bazn секс

In the south-west the commune borders the Atlantic Ocean where there is a small beach resort built in the s. The commune is located in the heart of a region of limestone hills overlooking the Gironde estuary. The Littoral zone extends from the Bay of Chant-Dorat родители bazn секс, west of the commune, to the Monards Channel in the south, consists essentially of an alternation of muddy intertidal zones and Limestone cliffs which are relatively eroded and are termed dead zones in the родители bazn секс part of the commune.

This term is explained by the gradual retreat of the shoreline and the partial silting of the estuary at this point leaving the cliffs, once battered by the waves, several hundred metres from the waters of the estuary, in the middle of the swampy areas. This type of landscape, found mostly near Mortagne-sur-Girondemarks the beginning of what is sometimes called the Charente Camargue.

The landscape is strongly marked by the cultivation of cereals, - especially wheat and maize - as well as vineyards: The name Barzan comed from the Родители bazn секс Barisiacum from the Gallo-Roman anthroponym Родители bazn секс with the Gallo-Roman suffix -acum indicating ownership transformed into the Latin suffix -anum. In the Middle Ages the village was called Barlan then Balzan. When the village became a commune the name Barzan was used.

Barzan appears as Barzan on the Cassini Map [10] and the same on the version. The commune was inhabited very early, at least from Neolithic times, which is evidenced родители bazn секс the discovery of numerous traces in various parts of the commune especially near the hill of La Garde which overlooks the Gironde estuary. In Eutrope Jouan, a local historian, reported the uncovering of fragments of polished axes and arrowheads.

This discovery would be confirmed almost a century later, inby remnants of ceramics attributed to the Matignons and the Peu-Richardiens.

Two other more recent prehistoric sites have been discovered in the commune dating from the Bronze Age: The latter was discovered in during vine planting when it was revealed including several bronze axes dated about BC which are currently on display at the Museum of Royan. Around the 7th century BC Saintonge was inhabited by people of Celtic origin: They first established their capital at Ponsthen Saintes.

They founded the town which was the embryo of the Roman city which emerged at this place a few centuries later. Recent aerial surveys have also revealed traces of two other Celtic temples located on the La Garde hill. An excavation undertaken under the direction родители bazn секс Karine Robin from to also helped to uncover Gallic and Hispanic ceramics dating from the 5th century BC which indicates the presence of a port at this time. The fact that Saintonge was located on one of the родители bazn секс for the tin trade, a particularly active trade between родители bazn секс British Isles mainly Cornwall and the Mediterranean Sea at that time, suggests the possibility of the transit of this essential raw material for родители bazn секс manufacture of bronze through the port of this ancient city and explains the relative prosperity of the city even before the establishment of the Roman domination.

Родители bazn секс

The province of the Santons was invaded by the Romans in 58 BC. This was the beginning of a golden age for its capital, Mediolanum Santonum Saintes which became the first capital of the Roman province of Gallia Aquitania.

The city of Novioregum was then primarily an Emporium or a trading post, which is easily explained by its geographical location not far from the mouth of the Gironde. The first родители bazn секс buildings were родители bazn секс built under the Flavians from 69 to 96as evidenced by remnants of statues and several Corinthian Capitals dating from this period.

Родители bazn секс

Nevertheless, the city seems to have reached its peak in the 2nd century during the reigns of Родители bazn секс Pius and Marcus Aurelius. The родители bazn секс was adorned with important monuments: The thermal baths were enlarged. The prosperous city was indicated in the Antonine Itinerary published in the 3rd century AD, during the reign of Emperor Diocletian. The city was abandoned around the 4th or 5th century without anyone really knowing why.

The port silting theory has been considered but no real evidence is established at present. This common phenomenon in the region caused the loss of another major port in the region - Brouage - in the 17th century. At the beginning of the Middle Ages the ancient Roman city had become a stone quarry.

Decorative elements were reused in homes and churches in the region, and Roman columns were long used as curbstones surrounding village wells.

The village became a modest parish dependent on the castellanies of Theon, Родители bazn секс or Uzet. A Romanesque church was built in the 12th century but was poorly maintained and was demolished in the 19th century. The economy of the village, родители bazn секс cereal crops, explains the presence of several mills. In the 18th century vineyards became predominant but the ravages of phylloxera a century later put a stop to this activity although it is still important today.

The ruins scattered around Barzan have intrigued scholars родители bazn секс a long time: From toLouis Basalo родители bazn секс conducted searches and explored an aqueduct in the north of the commune and excavated the baths.

They proved in particular the construction of two successive temples, the existence of a vast pit - perhaps sacrificial, and marks of the construction of a podium.

He soon revealed the existence of one of the largest ruins known in Gaul to date. Since the site of the baths has been open to the public. Restarted in by Antoine Nadeau, the excavations of the theatre at La Garde, resumed again in Highly degraded, the ruins were used as a stone quarry for centuries.

The two archaeologists explained their research in a report devoted to one of these excavations родители bazn секс From tounder the Law of 14 Decembermunicipal officials mayors were directly elected for 2 years and re-elected by the active citizens of the town aged at least 25 years and paying contribution of at least 3 working days to the commune.

Those eligible had to pay a tax equivalent to at least ten working days. From tounder the Constitution of 22 Frimaire Родители bazn секс VIII 13 December regarding the election of the mayor, mayors were appointed by the prefect for родители bazn секс with fewer than inhabitants. The Restoration established the appointment of mayors and municipal councilors.

Родители bazn секс

After the organic laws in mayors were appointed by the king for communes with more than inhabitants, the prefect for the smaller onesbut councillors were elected by suffrage for six years. From 3 July to mayors were elected by the родители bazn секс council for communes with less than inhabitants.

From to mayors were appointed by the prefect for communes with less than inhabitants for 5 years from After mayors were elected again except in the capitals departments, boroughs or districts. Only родители bazn секс 28 Marcha law on municipal organization still in force was passed which regulates the principle of родители bazn секс of the mayor and deputy by the city council, whatever the size of the commune except for Paris.

The law of 5 April fixed the mandate to four years, changed to six years on 10 April List of Successive Mayors [18].

Родители bazn секс

The commune belongs to родители bazn секс Canton of Saintonge Estuary. In the commune had inhabitants. The evolution родители bazn секс the number of inhabitants is known from the population censuses conducted in the commune since From the 21st century, a census of communes with fewer than 10, родители bazn секс is held every five years, unlike larger communes that have a sample survey every year.

The population of the town is relatively old. The ratio of persons above the age of 60 years Like national and departmental allocations, the female population of the town is greater than the male population The town is in the heart of a particularly large labour pool: The economy of the commune is still dominated by agriculture and viticulture even though tourism is growing rapidly due to the presence of the Gallo-Roman site of Novioregum.

Родители bazn секс

This gradual development originates from an archeological museum with displays of remains from the site as well as models to родители bazn секс the city in Roman times. The participation rate of persons between 15 and 64 years amounted to The rate of retired people is lower than the national figures, School students are 6.

The average income per household are higher than the national figures. The urban area родители bazn секс the Roman town covers 40 hectares. There are the remains of a Gallo-Roman port city including temples, main street, warehouses, thermal baths, Port etc.

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The site was at first privately owned but was purchased by the municipality in Родители bazn секс have been ongoing sincemainly by the Bordeaux Montaigne University and the University of La Rochelle. A joint union commune and department was formed for the acquisition of the classified area and for its development, both of the scientific and touristic sites, managed by the ASSA.

The site is registered as an historical monument. This church was built between and to replace an родители bazn секс church dating back to the 12th century which was altered in the 17th century.

Родители bazn секс

The municipal council voted to demolish it because of its dilapidation. During the demolition of the building of sarcophagi with saddleback lids were unearthed. Dating back to the Middle Agestwo iron dagger blades родители bazn секс fragments of vases mixed with bones were found there.

A new sanctuary was built to the design of the architect Gustave Alaux родители bazn секс had already worked on the construction of several churches in the Bordeaux region including the church of Mortagne-sur-Gironde a few kilometres from the commune.

Родители bazn секс

This building was in the Gothic Revival style and incorporated a Latin cross plan consisting of a single nave with three baysродители bazn секс a ribbed vault lit by six large lancet windows decorated with stained glass executed by the master glassmaker E. Six stone buttresses support the nave. A transept and apse frame the shrine which was consecrated in The bell tower and porch has three родители bazn секс and is topped with an octagonal stone arrow overlooking the town.

The Church contains an ex-voto 19th century which is registered as an historical object.

Родители bazn секс

This monument, located atop the hill at La Guard, was built in the 19th century to родители bazn секс as a maritime Landmark. Situated among vineyards, it forms a kind of obelisk of hewn stone measuring about 5 metres high.

At the beginning of the 19th century, in rural communes the town hall and communal school were often located in the same building. At Barzan works, directed by architect Georges Naud Saintais who was very active in родители bazn секс Canton, were carried out in two stages:

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